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             Fatherlessness is one of the greatest social                                           problems in Canada                           

   (Canadian Children’s Rights Council)



Fathers Making a Difference Inc. is a registered non - profit organization whose ultimate goal is to bring families back together by strengthening the father/child relationships in our community. Fathers Making a Difference Inc. is committed to bringing public awareness on the importance of a father/child relationship by offering a variety of programs in your community. We offer relationship building events, educational programs, information seminars and conferences, and community relief and financial aid for single parents and less fortunate children. Some of the programs are listed below:

  • Financial aid for less fortunate children
  • Father/child camp
  • Annual father’s day banquet
  • Parenting skills workshops
  • Scholarship programs for children and at risk youths
  • Financial aid for single parents
  • Educational lectures, conferences and seminars
  • Services for young men including tutoring, computer training, career development and more
  • Mentorship programs

We fundraise door-to-door across Canada, and hold public awareness campaigns at malls, plazas and stores throughout all cities.

                                 Creating a Future for Children

We also collaborate with the Centennial College Mentorship Pilot Program, ‘Play it Smart’

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The ‘Play it Smart’ Program helps combat the issues/effects of fatherlessness in the community, by providing transportation, snacks / meals, tutoring and recreation activities, all free of charge. In this Program there are presently 150 kids signed up, between the ages of  7-13


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Studies show, fathers play an intricate role in the development of a child

When a father is not present in the life of a boy, they are more prone to:

  • grow up with anger issues
  • mistreat women
  • become resentful                                                                                                      
  • show abusive behavior
  • turn to drugs, alcohol and gangs
  • become poor decision makers

When a father is not present in the life of a girl, they are more prone to:

  • have self-esteem issues
  • become involved in unstable relationships
  • become promiscuous
  • look for love in all the wrong places
  • become insecure
  • become unstable in their thinking processes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   




 A father’s influence will impact a child for life


 Please browse our web site for more information on the subject, and for more information about our organization.


 Help give a child a future... build a brighter tomorrow




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